Wild Creature Bee and Honey Convertible Leather Necklace

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Materials: deerskin leather lace, deer antler, copper wire, vintage glass and wood beads, jasper, ceramic disc with bee design

Features: one of a kind design, glass beads the color of honey, can be worn as a long necklace or layered choker, animal materials from deer who have died of natural causes, no animals were killed for these materials

Measurement: 33.5 inches around when worn as long necklace, tassel style pendant measures 5 inches total

As a layered choker necklace: on me the longer layer is 20 inches long, but the length may be different for you because it depends on your neck size

Deer symbolize the power in nature that is not easily subdued.  Let this necklace remind you how strong and powerful you are and don’t let anyone weaken that strength.


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