Hello everyone and welcome to HoneybeeAlley,

I am 29 and I currently live with my parents in my small hometown in the Pacific Northwest on the edge of a National Forest.  I am very inspired by the scenery here. I have some medical problems that keep me from being able to have a regular job. I also have Bipolar 2 disorder, anxiety, and OCD. These illnesses can make it challenging to run my business at times, but they are also the reason I have my shop, because I want to help other people like me get through their days.  I craft each piece myself and I will only sell you my very best handmade jewelry.  I make pieces that you can wear comfortably for years and years.

I make jewelry for real people who fight their own real battles every single day. Whether you fight a mental illness or physical illness or something else entirely, I design jewelry that will not fall apart from normal wear to remind you to stay strong and tough every day. I like to call these pretty pieces my mental health reminders.  Along with other important reminders, my handmade jewelry will remind you to take care of yourself. Do what you can to feel better every day, whether that’s dressing up and putting on some nice jewelry, putting on your comfiest sweats and curling up on the couch, or taking a nice relaxing bubble bath. These versatile pieces can be worn in all sorts of situations and will help you through all of your days, both the good ones and the tough ones. The stones will remind you how tough you are, the crystals and beads will remind you that you’re beautiful, and every piece will remind you that you are unique and, most importantly, that you are not fighting alone. Stay strong, drink water, and take deep breaths. You got this!

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